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3 Reasons to Consider a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2019

Changes to the Advantage option make it even more attractive.

Millions of seniors rely on Medicare to cover their health-related needs. But Medicare isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, the program has several distinct parts that enrollees can sign up for or opt out of.

Those who enroll in original Medicare will generally get free coverage under Part A, which pays for hospital visits. They'll then pay a monthly premium for Part B, which covers preventive care and diagnostics, as well as Part D, which covers prescription drugs. But there's an alternative to Medicare that many seniors choose instead, and it's Part C, otherwise known as Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage essentially bundles all your coverage needs, including prescriptions, into a single plan. The premium you pay for your plan will depend on the level of coverage you choose. But often, Advantage plans end up coming in cheaper than original Medicare, all the while offering at least the same level of coverage, if not more.

In fact, many seniors choose Advantage over traditional Medicare because the former covers dental, hearing, and vision -- services original Medicare does not pay for. Many Advantage plans also offer coverage overseas, which is helpful for seniors who travel often. Furthermore, changes to Medicare Advantage set to take place in 2019 make it an even more attractive option. Here are three you should know about: