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Is Obamacare still around?

As a health insurance broker, I often get asked, "is Obamacare still around?". The answer is YES. You may like the law or not like the law but it is here and does not appear to be going anywhere (see the article attached below). The Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) affects ALL major medical group health plans that companies offer AND all major medical individual plans that self employed people need (there are non-ACA options that have limited benefits). The BIGGEST companies participate.....BCBS, United Healthcare, Aetna, etc. All the plans offer BIG subsidies and do the following:

-All pre-existing conditions covered

-All preventative care doctor visits are free (Annual wellness visits, immunizations, birth control)

-No limit to the payout amount

-Maternity coverage with all policies

-100% coverage for COVID-19 testing and treatment (no deductibles, copays or coinsurance)...for the time being

Open Enrollment is Nov 1-January 15.


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