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Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina

You may have seen the news. NC is one of 11 states that has not expanded Medicaid but that is about to change.

What does that mean to you?

Currently, medicaid is available in NC but it is very hard to get. Basically, you need to be a single mother with kids, and a very low income, to get medicaid in NC. It is virtually impossible for a male adult to get medicaid. Even with no income, a homeless male would have a difficult time qualifying.

The expansion of medicaid, which most states took advantage of as part of the Affordable Care Act (fully implemented in 2014), will, generally, allow single adults, with an income of under about $13,000, to be considered for medicaid. The threshold will be much friendlier to married couples and families, as well.

Currently, my company (Health Market Genius, LLC) helps people like this get an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan (with a BIG subsidy, through companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Aetna, for example) BUT it takes some manipulation of the system to do this. The Affordable Care Act assumes that all states would expand medicaid and the coverage availability is set up with this assumption in mind.

Feel free to contact me to discuss further or to get information about health insurance availability.

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