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Medicare Advantage plans: What you need to know

By Home Media

Learn more about what Medicare Advantage plans are, if you’re eligible to join a plan, and why they might be the right fit for your healthcare needs.

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Key Takeaways:

  • HMO plans don’t usually offer emergency care, out-of-area urgent care or out-of-area dialysis.

  • With Medicare PPO, you don’t have to choose a primary care doctor or get a referral to see a specialist. 

  • Original Medicare (Parts A and B) won’t pay for your health care while you’re in a PFFS plan.

  • A SNP is a Medicare Advantage plan that limits its membership to people with specific diseases or characteristics. You must get your care and services from doctors or hospitals in the SNP network.

  • A medical savings account (MSA) is intended to help self-employed people and employees of certain small businesses save for and pay for their medical expenses not covered by health insurance.

What are Medicare Advantage plans?