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Strategy for Being Fit

I have a confession to make. I have had "lose 15 lbs" on my list of goals for the last 3 years. I am 57 years old. I do some good things....I do an activity every day (long walk, vigorous bike ride...sometimes very vigorous mountain biking, or moderate weight lifting and cardio). I am doing okay at holding my current weight but I can't seem to make headway on that 15 pounds. Here are some tips I ran across from the below article that I NEED to take to heart:

  1. RE-THINK MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS. This makes sense.....i can't just eat anything anymore and expect to look "lean and mean". I am slowly realizing that I am going to have to eat well CONSISTENTLY or I am going to go backwards. To be honest, I am not sure if i want to deny myself the "good tasting stuff" all the time. Maybe my goal should be to be "healthy and active" and not try to look like I am 25 again

  2. GIVE UP "ALL OR NOTHING" thinking. That sound like the way I think sometimes.....I didn't manage to work out today, so "what the hell", now I'm going to have a big piece of chocolate cake after supper. Too much of that in my world

  3. DO ACTIVITIES THAT I LIKE AND EAT HEALTHY THINGS THAT I LIKE. A college student can pull an "all-nighter" once in awhile but they can't do it every night. I need to be better at looking at working out and eating that way. A diet or very ambitious workout might be hard to sustain for the long run....maybe better to dial back and do things I can do for the long haul.


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