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The 6 Best Ways to Get Health Insurance When You're Self- Employed

By: Heather Wilde

For entrepreneurs, finding good health coverage can be difficult. Here are the options for getting the best care.

For entrepreneurs, obtaining health insurance can be tricky. New regulations are in place that purports to make it easier, however, in reality, things have become more convoluted and difficult.

As my role requires a lot of travel, both domestic and international, I've always needed a health plan that covered me while traveling outside of my home state. This year, however, all of those plans have disappeared from the individual and small group market.

I found myself in the same position that many small businesses face: Groups are based on the number of full-time employees on payroll, and contractors who you offer benefits to.

That's all well and good if your company offers healthcare as a benefit. But what if it doesn't?

Many small businesses don't meet the minimum threshold to offer group insurance, preferring to hire contractors instead of employees. That includes my company.