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Programs to Protect You

Major Medical Health Insurance


Programs that meet Affordable Care Act guidelines (Obamacare) and allow for a subsidy.

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Short Term


Health Insurance that can be kept for up to a year at generally MUCH lower premiums.

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Medi-share health sharing has been helping families pay medical bills since 1993.


Medicare Related

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Dental/ Vision and Supplemental

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What We Do

Heath Coverage can be complicated .

At Health Market Genius LLC, we have helped people evaluate and choose health program plans  for over 25 years, including Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) plans since the first day the law was enacted. We also help determine subsidies, penalties and alternatives to the ACA plans, when a different option appears  to make more sense.

It is our goal to offer individual health programs for those under the age of 65 AND to help those who are eligible for Medicare evaluate and choose Medicare-related options. Also, we can help with supplemental accident/critical illness coverage, short-term plans, and dental/vision plans. 

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