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Thank you for visiting this website. All of the services, excluding the cost of insurance, are provided to you at NO COST. 


Health Market Genius LLC Health Insurance Company is run by a team of people who contribute in many important ways. All have the passion and belief that getting health insurance should not be as hard as it seems to be in the current environment.


When I started the company, the Affordable Care Act had recently kicked in and the entire landscape of health insurance had changed. The growing pains of this new major legislation were having a direct effect on the ability of average people to purchase one of the most important things in their lives: major medical health insurance. The website had significant problems and the health insurance providers were slow to adapt to the new landscape. As you can imagine, problems were numerous and often unprecedented.  


As an insurance agent with 17 years experience representing the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield agency in NC, I became immersed in helping people navigate all the intricacies of the various Obamacare rules. Unfortunately, people often could not keep their pre-ACA insurance plans and in many cases, could not keep their doctors. There was good news also, namely that many people would be able to enjoy a subsidized plan and that pre-existing conditions would no longer prevent some unlucky people from getting a good major medical policy. 


It was with the goal of providing experience and expertise to help people deal with all of these complexities that I started Health Market Genius LLC in 2015. We look forward to helping you now and in the future. We promise to stay on the cutting edge of changes in the health insurance industry and to advise you and to provide solutions.  


Respectfully, Arthur "Kyle" Romanat (Agent NPN 6545870)

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