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Questions about Obamacare

As a health insurance broker, I am often asked the same questions from time to time, regarding the Affordable Care Act. Here are a few of them:

Is Obamacare Still Around?

Answer: Obamacare, more officially known as the Affordable Care Act or the plans, went into active use in 2014 and is active and growing. There are now 16 million participants in the program.

Are there any good companies that participate?

Answer: The biggest health insurers in NC Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, etc.

Would I qualify for a discounted/subsidized health plan?

Answer: There are rules and guidelines, but generally, if you do not have an offer of coverage from an employer, you are eligible to sign up for a plan. A family of 4 (with the parents in the mid 30's) can make around $150,000 per year, and still get a healthy subsidy.

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