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Mental Health and Health Insurance

It is clear that mental health issues have been more prominent in our society over the last couple years. Fortunately, the Marketplace health insurance providers (like Bcbs, Aetna, etc) are offering policies that have increased recognition of these concerns:

The following are typical of what is available from these types of plans:

-All pre-existing conditions are covered

-Subsidies are available that often result in a monthly premium of $0

-Low deductible and low max out of pocket plans are available at very low premiums, for those who qualify

-Copays for mental health visits are often times lower than other specialist doctor type visits

-Telehealth type appointments have become normal, so more doctors participate, and people can access doctors in different parts of the state

-Required medications are typically available in low cost generic form (which are usually very low in cost, even without insurance)


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